Minihotel Iris

Bed and Breakfast Salerno, Maiori

Via Vecchia Chiunzi, 177 bis - Maiori 84010, Maiori (Salerno) , Costiera Amalfitana, Campania

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From a project and thought so much enthusiasm, in 2009, the ancient residence of the Marquis Mezzacapo, lord of Maiori, born Minihotel IRIS. A modern building with six bedrooms, cheerful, friendly and colorful, all with private bathrooms and modern comforts, all unique. Each room is named after a flower and it takes the style of colors and messages, shades and wall coverings in bathrooms. At your disposal a spacious solarium where you can spend moments of relaxation, a convenient parking and a small lemon grove where empathize with the tranquility of the suburban landscape: green and fragrant. Our position, slightly off-center and far from traffic, poses no obstacle to our guests who can reach the town center and beaches, less than two miles in a leisurely walk (15 minutes), car (5 minutes), public transport or shuttle service municipal active throughout the year. Soon we will make available the appropriate kennels for pets even large breed, so that you can really take on holiday "all the f

Rooms of accommodation

  • Camera Tulipano

    The word tulip comes from greek and means turban, perhaps because its shape resembles that of his turban. a turkish legend traces the origin of the flower with drops of blood paid for the love of a young lover disappointed. at the arab people the flower is a representation of eternal and perfect. in the west, when linked to the emotional sphere, takes less positive meaning: it is a symbol of inconstancy and lack of emotional reflexivity.

    4 beds •  Bathroom
  • Camera Mimosa

    For old custom of every young american indians gave a sprig of mimosa to the girl who had inflamed his heart. in the italian tradition was used for the first time by the association of italian women as a symbol in the international women's day. in the language of flowers la mimosa is traditionally a symbol of strength and femininity, because, just like a woman hidden under delicate and fragile features, great strength and liveliness.

    3 beds •  Bathroom
  • Camera Fiordaliso

    The cornflower is nicknamed "grass spells. a legend says the goddess flora, having found dead in a field of cornflowers cyanus the body of the beloved, wanted to call the flowers with his own name, it is the scientific name centaurea cyanus. centaurea comes from the name of the centaur chiron who, wounded in the foot by a poisoned arrow, bother with the juice of the flower. in the east, the lovers give him beloved in the hope of happiness from her. mean happiness and lightness.

    2 beds •  Bathroom
  • Camera Girasole

    American indians considered it a sacred plant in peru and is the emblem of the sun god the sunflower arrives in europe in the sixteenth century and has been especially appreciated by kings, artists, poets and writers for its visual impact and sincere and striking simplicity. for these obvious virtues attributed to the sunflower is the message of happiness and pure joy of living.

    4 beds •  Bathroom
  • Camera Iris

    Iris was the messenger of the gods who, using as a rainbow pass, allowed the "dialogue" between olympus and earth. the iris flower was so named because of the variety of colors reminiscent of the rainbow. for these reasons, the language of flowers, the iris is synonymous with happy news and good news.

    2 beds •  Bathroom
  • Camera Rosa Rossa

    The rose is the flower, by definition, is a masterpiece, whatever adjective is used and any description you try, is so wonderful that lack appropriate words ... you just have to contemplate. the rose has always struck the popular imagination. his appearance and his scent, petals that open like a treasure that plan is revealed, of course allude to femininity, thus, the rose bud stands for chastity, while the open is the ephemeral beauty of youth. the meaning of red rose is among the most classic associations: shows passion.

    2 beds •  Bathroom

Rates of accommodation

Camera Tulipano
Camera Mimosa
Camera Fiordaliso
Camera Girasole
Camera Iris
Camera Rosa Rossa
€ 65
€ 65
€ 55
€ 75
€ 55
€ 75
€ 80
€ 80
€ 90
€ 95
€ 95
€ 105
Visible landscape
Countryside, Garden/park, Mountain, River, Street/avenue.
Spoken languages
English, Italiano.
Our accommodation is recommended for
Couples, Couples with baby, Family, Group, Senior(s), Sporty types.
Our accommodation is suitable to
Calm, Exclusive, Natural, Quiet, Romantic, Suitable for a relaxing break, Tranquil.
Facilities in our accommodation
Linen and toilette
  • Bath
  • Mirror
  • Shampoo
  • Soap handwash
  • Comforter (s)
  • Bed sheets
  • Shower
  • Detergent cream
  • Intimate cleanser
  • Pillow (s)
  • Toilet paper
  • Bidet
  • Towels
  • Foam
  • Bath room
  • Towel bathroom
  • Hairdryer
External structures at guests' disposal
  • Terrace
Room Amenities
  • Hot tub
  • Tv
  • Telephone
  • Desk
  • Daily room cleaning
  • Minibar
  • Fax
  • Hydromassage shower
  • Cot (beds for children 0-2 years)
  • Internet (extra charge)
  • Daily change of linen
  • Air conditioning